Introducing Patio Sliders

Introducing PM Window’s range of aluminium patio doors – bringing interiors to life.
With one of our ultra-stylish patio doors from trusted manufacturers Reynaers, Origin, and Duraflex, you can make the most of your space and bring the outdoors in.

Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

The traditional patio door system is given an aesthetically appealing update featuring large glass panels supported by a sleek aluminium profile. This attractive door, which comes in a variety of panels and has minimal visual sightlines, can be double or triple glazed.

It boasts thermally insulated parts, outstanding security, and weather resistance, as you would expect from a premium sliding door. It also comes in a variety of colours with a selection of premium components and door furniture.

Why choose a sliding door?


Extensive range of colour options

Industry leading guarantee

High Grade


Effortless Glide

Highly Secure

Family Safe


Fully Bespoke


Low Threshold

Origin's patio sliding doors

Origin’s patio sliding doors are among the slimmest doors currently on the market and made in the UK from superior quality aluminium, giving them exceptional strength. These sliding door systems include the Origin Artisan Slider and the Origin Patio Slider, both of which are modern take on the classic patio door system.



The Duraflex Patio Slider

The Duraflex Patio Slider, which is available in a featured or bevelled system, offers exceptional performance and sightlines and is one of the most popular patio doors in the UK. Colour possibilities include a whole spectrum of the latest solid and wood grain foils, and the product is made in Duraflex’s Diamond suite. Offering enhanced security and PAS24/Part Q accredited options, plus installation efficiencies, the Duraflex Patio Door delivers great reliability and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

The Reynaer Hi-Finitity patio slider

This patio slider is one of the new varieties of minimalistic sliding doors with slight visual sightlines and can be double or triple glazed. It is available in two, three, four or six panels. As you would expect from a top of the range sliding door, it has thermally insulated sections, excellent security and weather resistance and comes in a range of colours with a choice of top-end components and door furniture.




The Reynaer CP130

The insulated CP 130 sliding door system is a high-end product that offers superior weather performance, increased security, and beautiful aesthetics. This sliding door system is made with ease of use in mind and is available in slide or lift-and-slide versions.

The adaptable system is compatible with the integrated ventilation system, Ventalis, and glides effortlessly. It also includes a slim-line mid-section interlock to maximise the glass surface. With the help of Reynaers ground-breaking open corner system for the CP 130-LS, two sides of a room can be opened without the need of a corner post, producing a truly stunning architectural feature. For most people in the UK, thermal insulation is crucial, and the CP 130 provides top-class thermal performance.

Smooth to slide & effortless to open

PM Windows range of premium patio slider doors have been carefully constructed using an operating system that makes opening the door simple. These doors glide rather than slide, and they can be used with large glass panels without being heavy or challenging to open.

Fully bespoke sliding doors

All our products are bespoke and tailored entirely to your requirements because every home is different. PM Windows’s expert team will advise you on the right size, configuration, and colour that work best for you. Every last detail can be customised so that you take delivery of the doors of your dreams.

Discover your colour

Our Patio Sliding doors cater for every taste. With an extensive selection and finishes ranging from bright primary shades to deep earthy tones, you are guaranteed to find a colour that works for you and all our doors are finished with a beautiful, durable powder coating to reduce the risk of fading.

Safe & Secure

Our doors offer the highest levels of security. Every door is equipped with an ultra-secure multi-point locking system, and for extra peace of mind, you can choose a system with frames that are structurally connected to the glass, which makes it much more difficult for intruders to breach. Anti-lift blocks, security glazing beads and hinge bolts are also available.

High grade aluminium

Our Patio Sliding Doors are extremely strong and robust as well as lightweight and user-friendly. All our doors are made from the highest quality premium aluminium, which is resistant to the elements and will not warp. Our manufacturers all offer a guarantee on the sliding door and glazing.

Thermal efficiency

Patio Sliding Doors offer superb insulation. Our sliding doors are manufactured using low-emissivity glazing, which has an invisible coating that reflects heat back into your room, or with triple glazing that makes them extremely energy efficient. Doors also feature a polyamide thermal break in the profile, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer – and lowering energy bills.
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