Composite Doors

As composite doors are made of many different materials rather than just one, they are more durable and resilient than uPVC doors and will last longer. Typically, composite doors are thicker and more durable than uPVC doors.

Introducing Composite Doors

Composite doors are an excellent choice for an energy efficient home as they are excellent at insulating your property against heat loss and keeping cold weather outside.

Why choose the Composite Doors?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

Tight Seals


150 RAL



Endurance Composite Doors

Endurance doors is a best-selling British manufacturer that has over 1,900 installers across the nation. Their doors are constructed to the highest standards of quality, provide your home with a high level of security, are extremely resistant to weathering, and claim a better level of thermal resistance because of their insulating foam core. Another benefit to choosing Endurance Doors is their “Green Promise”. Not only are their composite doors thermally efficient, but their timbers are sourced sustainably and 0% of their waste goes to the landfill.




For a personalised touch, choose from the Classic Collection, Urban Collection, or Country Collection. Award-winning composite doors from Endurance feature styles that have been inspired by the Georgian and Victorian ages to give your property a traditional appearance as well as more contemporary doors.

Security in mind

Endurance doors are renowned for their durability and security, and are exceptionally affordable at 10% thicker at 48mm than other composite doors.

you can also make that home secure when it is appropriate to do so.


Along with a selection of door furnishings, keyless entry, and 18 distinct colour choices, Endurance also offers stable doors, double doors, back doors and standard hinged doors.

Personalise your door

PM Windows provide a wide variety of sophisticated additions to let you design a composite door that is uniquely yours, in addition to a wide range of designs and colours. 

Your door will have the perfect finishing touch thanks to all of our available accessories, including handles, door pulls, knockers, spyholes, and letterboxes.

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