Originally an orangery was designed to cultivate fruit and exotic plants by soaking up as much sunshine as possible. It had south-facing windows, a robust north-facing wall and wooden shutters to keep the heat in at night. The modern orangery is fundamentally a brick structure with large glass windows, so the brick will provide more insulation than a fully glazed structure.

Introducing the Orangery

Orangeries are often confused with conservatories but a very simple differentiation is that a conservatory has the majority of its roof glazed, whereas an orangery tends to have a solid perimeter roof with roof lanterns to allow light in. Orangeries can be built using brick, lanterns, and frames and can be tailored to fit any specifications.

Why choose Orangeries?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

Tight Seals

Internal And External
Flush Casement


150 RAL




Ultraframe Orangeries

Ultraframe Orangeries are available in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles to complement your property. Even in the colder winter months, Ultraframe’s attractive contemporary orangeries provide maximum light while remaining solid, warm, and snug. 

They incorporate the Ultrasky roof, super-insulated columns, and a hidden structural goalpost and feature full-height windows, bi-fold or sliding doors, and an unrivalled selection of modern finishes.




Design features

Classic orangeries by Ultraframe combine strong brick pillars, a performance glass roof, and a variety of traditional finishing touches to give your home a delightfully attractive period appearance. The Ultraframe structural goal post system works closely with the roof beam in the roof to take pressure off the frames and doors. This technology is hidden within the roof system.

Thermal technology

You’ll benefit from year-round comfort thanks to cutting-edge thermal technology in your roof. The Ultraframe roof sits on the columns and is insulated using enriched expanded polystyrene and styropor carbon, delivering U-values as low as 0.16 (the thermal performance of our columns is five times higher than that of a brick pier of equivalent size).



Super insulating columns

Our range of stunning aluminium cladding panels are available in 3 standard colours and two shades of white, which can be flat or fluted. You can also choose to have your super-insulated columns in any RAL colour to match or contrast your existing window frames. And in addition to being visually appealing, they also offer excellent warmth because they are five times more thermally efficient than an equivalent-sized brick pier.

Practical design features

A beautiful cornice will improve the appearance of your new space because it also conceals your guttering and provides better external sightlines.

Our cornice can be installed in one of three flat tier styles or as a curved cornice that works with all orangery designs. Corniches can be on virtually any size construction,  have a contemporary appearance and sit at 90° angles.

Fewer bars

Every Ultrasky design has a robust, thermally insulated ridge at the centre, which eliminates the need for additional bars to maximise the quantity of glass and creates the ideal living space for entertaining, unwinding with your family, or spending a cosy night in.

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