Introducing Fixed Window
The ideal solution if you want to capture breath taking outside views or maximise natural light with big expanses of pane.

Fixed Frame Window

Aluminium fixed frame windows are ideal for letting light into your home in small or large areas that don’t require an opening window. Our Fixed Frame windows are available with ultra slim sightlines and can be manufactured in different shapes and styles to add interest to a room.

Why choose Fixed Window?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

Durable Powder

Tight Seals

Ultra Slim
Aluminium Frames

150 RAL



Origin Fixed Frame Window

Fixed Frame windows are the ideal choice for increasing the amount of light in your house or framing a spectacular view.

This window doesn’t have an opening component, allowing for even narrower sightlines without compromising strength because there are no moving elements. The OW-80 or OW-70 ranges of Origin Fixed Frames are available, and because each window is manufactured to order, you can design exactly what you want.



Elegant & bespoke

Fixed Frame windows from PM Windows blend versatility and design. They can be constructed in sizes ranging from 0.06 square metres to 7.0 square metres, forming a glass wall-like structure.

Georgian bars, also known as the steel look, are an additional choice. With a variety of colours and color-coded gaskets to pick from, you can choose a look that suits you.

Energy efficient

Fixed Frames offer a world-class level of thermal efficiency. They achieve a U-Value of 0.9W/m2K and an energy rating of A++ when combined with Aerogel insulation.

A polyamide thermal break in the aluminium frames ensures you will be warm in winter and cool in summer – and you will pay less for your energy.

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