Introducing Bi-folding Doors
Stylish, durable and ultra-secure, PM Windows bi-fold doors are perfect in the summer when you can enjoy the full beauty of your garden, but also fantastic in the winter when the superb insulation keeps you warm and cosy inside. They are available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and even a fully open corner.

Origin Bi-fold Doors UK

When it comes to aluminium bi-folding doors and windows, Origin is one of the best-known brands. Due to their slim profiles, Origin bi-fold doors are designed to blend well with existing door and window systems. The large expanses of glass are enclosed within an ultra- strong aluminium profile and available in two ranges – the OB-49 and the OB-72 range, each with its unique set of qualities that can be customised to your home. Origin’s bi-fold doors are available in a range of panel styles, colours, and glass options, as well as open out and in hinges.

Why choose the Origin Bi-fold Door?


Extensive range
of colours


Guarantee up to
20 years


High Grade


Coded Seals




Highly Secure


Family Safe




Durable Powder


Low Threshold



Made to last

Our doors go through rigorous quality testing at every stage of the manufacturing process and are supplied with the highest quality features and components as well as an industry-leading 20-year guarantee with every installation.

Low thresholds

Our bi-folds come with a choice of threshold height options, including a weathering threshold that can be lowered into the floor with a slight lip to ensure a weather-tight seal if you prefer a seamless transition between interior and outdoors.

Non-weathered thresholds, which are completely flush with the floor, should be used only on interior doors because they offer less protection against the elements.



Security for peace of mind

Origin bi-fold doors exceed the latest security standards with a unique eight-point locking system, as well as heavy-duty zinc hinges and a cylinder lock. Both are designed to resist even the most determined would-be intruder.

Inspired by colour

Origin bi-fold doors are available in a variety of colours, from contemporary and minimalist black, white, or grey doors to more daring selection of more than 150 RAL colours, allowing you to build a door that complements both the interior and exterior decor of your home.



Dual colour

Not only do our doors come in a wide variety of colour options to perfectly compliment your style, we even offer dual colours for inside and outside.

Customised to your taste

PM Windows understand that investing in your home is a deeply personal choice. We can discuss your specific requirements and guide you through the process and the options available. At every step of the process, from concept to delivery, we will work with you to deliver a truly customised installation you will enjoy for years.



Keeping you safe

Your family’s security is of the utmost importance. Bi-fold doors have safety features that are tailored just for you. When the doors are open, special finger-safe gaskets prevent small children’s fingers from becoming stuck, and once they are closed, magnetic catches keep them securely in place.

Doors that glide effortlessly

Origin Bi-fold Doors are engineered to along the tracks, ensuring you can open and close them with ease.



Handled with care

Strong, sleek and hard-working, our handles are available in modern, elegant styles and are created with care and dedication to give you the finish you want.

Thermal efficiency

With sophisticated weather-tight seals to ensure your home is resistant to the extremes of the British climate, these doors will keep your energy bills low and your home will stay bright and cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter, allowing you to enjoy every room regardless of the season.



Low maintenance

Premium grade aluminium frames will not expand or contract in certain weather unlike wooden or uPVC doors and the powder-coated finish means there is no need to touch up fading paintwork.

Introducing the Origin Corner Bi-fold Door

Strong, secure and stunning, a corner bi-fold breaks down the boundary between inside and out.



The Origin Corner Bi-fold Door

The Origin Corner Bi-fold Door is ideal if you want a stunningly spectacular way to let the outside world into your home.

Strong, secure and made from premium grade aluminium, the doors are available in a wide range of configurations, colours and styles. You can create a truly unique feature that gives your house extra character and appeal.
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