Introducing Front Doors
Your front door serves as the gateway to your home, so don’t compromise on quality. Composite front doors are stylish yet strong and robust thanks to the latest technology. With a wide range of styles, colours, glass designs, and door furniture, you can create the perfect door for your home.

The Front Door

Our team of experts can help you customise a front door to meet your exact requirements – in size, colour and finish. The end result will be a door that will protect your home for years to come.

Why choose the Front Door?

Made In

Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade


Range Of Panel


150 RAL



Seamless Access

Origin Front Door

Origin aluminium Front Doors provide the same professional craftsmanship, superior quality, and high standards as the industry-leading Origin bi-folding door. Origin offer long-lasting powder-coated finishes, wood-effect aluminium doors, and sophisticated locking systems.

Origin aluminium Front Doors come as single doors, double doors, French doors or doors with combination glazing. There are also options for doors with opening windows, sidelights and toplights and a choice of over 35 different panel designs. The aluminium extrusions that go into creating an Origin aluminium Front Door offer polyamide insulation, high strength, rigidity and durability.




Evolution Front Door

Evolution Doors effortlessly capture a traditional and timeless entrance door aesthetic whilst operating to cutting edge standards of performance and functionality. Every door is handcrafted by a team of exceptional craftsmen and features state of the art multi-point locking systems, world class weather proofing, outstanding energy efficiency as well as high quality durability.

Whether you are looking for a woodgrain natural finish, a vibrant stand out colour, or more of a traditional heritage colour way – Evolution has them all. With over 10 finishes and over 200 RAL paint colour options to choose from, your entrance door will become the focal point of your home.

Your home’s character

With a front door that has been expertly crafted, you can make a great first impression. All our front doors come completely customisable and configurable using only top grade aluminium. Choose from a huge variety of panels, colours, and styles to create a product that ties in seamlessly with the style of your home.

Front door types

With an extensive array of panel options to choose from – from single to double doors, your door will be truly unique and bring a splash of character and style to the front of your house.

Garage doors

Our front doors can also be used as garage doors, or one of our experts can help you select one that complements them. We have the flexibility to deliver a fully bespoke garage door, which can be created without a threshold.

Panel options

With 35 cutting-edge and stylish designs to choose between, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect panel for you.

All of our panels are built with an effective Thermimax core, as well as aluminium inner and outer layers, whether you opt for a traditional Georgian or Victorian style or ultra-modern aluminium.

Personalise your door

Along with a vast variety of styles and colours, we also have a bewildering selection of elegant accessories to let you create a front door that is uniquely yours.

All of our optional accessories, like handles, door pulls, knockers, spyholes, and letterboxes, will give your door the ideal finishing touch.

Set your tone

With more than 150 RAL colours to choose from, you are sure to find the look that reflects your taste. Black and white, primary colours, pastels – all are available, as well as metallic shades.

You can even select different colours for the outer frame, door sash and the panel itself, as well as the dual colour option for inner and outer coordination.

Unsurpassed security

The Origin Front Door has been designed with extra protection in mind, from ultra-safe locking systems to different barrel choices that will thwart even the most determined intruder.

You can choose between a locking system with five points and one with eight, while the door comes with specially designed hinges that have been engineered to resist attack.

Get a handle on it

Put a classy finishing touch on your bespoke Origin Front Door with a selection from our range of door pulls and handles.

Designed to look classy but to deliver extra strength, our handles are cycle-tested for durability – so you can be assured they will stand the test of time.

Seamless threshold access

For easy transition between indoors and outdoors, we offer three threshold choices. A weathered threshold ensures your home is watertight and safe from the elements. A standard non-weathered option is available, as is the ultra-low mobility threshold – a mere 20mm when the door is open – which is ideal for wheelchair use.

Strength of aluminium

All our front doors are made from premium grade aluminium, which makes them exceptionally strong – at only one-third of the weight of steel.

Aluminium is also resistant to the elements, so it will not warp or corrode. Our doors come with a high-grade powder coating, giving them a scratch- resistant surface.

Thermal efficency

PM Front doors boast an advanced polyamide break, that limits heat transfer from inside to out. It does not matter which style of door you choose, it will offer you thermal efficiency all year, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer – and paying less for your energy.
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