Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are made to withstand high traffic. They are a great option for supermarkets, shops, hospitals, schools, and recreation facilities.

Introducing Commercial Doors

Modern front doors and high-quality aluminium commercial entry doors can enhance the entrance to your business. Commercial doors are designed for apartment buildings, offices and retail stores, and other non-dwelling spaces where outstanding aesthetics are essential. They also provide durability, functionality, and superior security.

Why choose the Commercial Doors?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

Tight Seals

Internal And External
Flush Casement


150 RAL




Reynaers Commercial Doors

Reynaers commercial aluminium doors are designed with rigorous demands of use in mind, and their dependability has been proven over many years. Vision 50 by Reynaers is designed for high-traffic areas and is available in single or double swing doors, as well as ordinary inward and outward opening doors.  

These doors can be fitted with various devices that allow the door to pivot or slide automatically and all doors can be equipped with an integrated anti-finger trap to increase security. This aluminium door system offers the best of both worlds: high performance and ease of manufacture. 




Customisable features

Reynaers commercial doors can be completely incorporated into shopfront systems or curtain walling and have all the characteristics you would expect from a high grade commercial door. Due to their simple butt jointed construction, these doors can also be used to create plant room doors with louvres or panels.

Excellent security features

Reynaers Vision 50 satisfies the highest standards for stability and safety. The glass panels can be positioned flush with the wall on both the inside and the outside. Swing doors are a simple addition to the exterior and all doors can be equipped with an integrated anti-finger trap to increase safety.


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